Thursday, February 14, 2013

Topical Discussion: Creating a College Going Culture

We've got another Topical Discussion coming up in 2 weeks.Participants will be meeting in Southern Oregon to network and talk about ways that we can build a college going culture in our schools, nonprofit organizations, and communities.

So what comes next? You've created the culture. You're fostering it. Your students want to pursue postsecondary education. Are your students prepared to select an institution of higher education that will support them and their success? Are you working with your students to find the best fit for them and their academic, social, and financial needs?

If you believe that helping a student find the "best fit" college is a primary driver in their ability to succeed, and you're looking for a place to start, consider Dr. Patrick O'Connor's advice: "now is the time to introduce Colleges That Change Lives to your aspiring college seekers."

Read the full article on the Counselor's Corner blog and learn about how this book can help students begin to define what college qualities will help them to succeed.

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